About Us

As our welcome told you St. Paul's is a school which educates children who have an autistic spectrum disorder. There are fifty four children attending the school. Six children are in an early intervention class and so are pre-school age. The remaining forty-eight girls and boys are aged between five and eighteen years old. There are boys and girls in each class.

Our aim is to look after each child's needs in a holistic way therefore we look to all the needs of the child whether these are social, spiritual, physical or academic. The school was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1971 as an outreach from the Child Guidance Clinic of the Mater Hospital. It is managed by a Board of Management and funded by the Department of Education and Skills.

We have ten full-time teachers and many part-time teachers who take classes in pottery, horticulture, music, and art. There are twenty-seven Special Needs Assistants who help the teachers and children to make the most of the school day so that all can enjoy their time at St. Pauls. The staff at the school work in conjunction with the staff at St. Paul's Hospital (which is on the same campus). Thus a multi-disciplinary team is available at all times to make sure that each child's needs are met to the highest standard.

St. Paul's Hospital provides a respite service for children and parents who can benefit from it. The respite houses are ordinary family-type homes in the community. They are bright, attractive places and the children look forward to their time there.

Our aim to look after children as completely as possible is perhaps best summed up in our Mission Statement:-

'We are committed to developing each student's spiritual, intellectual, emotional, creative and physical potential in an atmosphere of trust, acceptance and love'

If you wish to contact us, Ms. Angela Leonard, Principal, will be very happy to meet you.

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